What is an EESytems Session Like?

A session consists of going into the therapy room and getting comfortable by sitting, reclining, or laying down on our zero-gravity electric recliners.  Once in this position, most people close eyes and begin deep relaxation, often falling asleep. It is highly recommended to keep in meditative state by keeping eyes closed, as roughly 60%-70% of our mental energy is used when our eyes are open. The bio-active healing energy begins to work immediately with your body, targeting directly from the cellular level.  Some people report feeling subtle tingly sensations immediately upon entering the room and throughout the session. To those who don’t feel this, not to worry. The EES photonic energy is still working and powerfully so, even if you don’t feel any tingling sensations.  Some people are more sensitive to energies but not all of us are. I didn’t feel anything throughout all of my near 44-hour-sessions. So, please do not worry should you feel no difference between in and outside of the meditation room.

It is important to keep quiet in the meditation room. Drinks with closed lids only are allowed. To block out ambient noise, we offer either a headphone and/or disposable earplugs.

EES sessions is an advance technology, an assistive tool in arriving at your own unique intended well-being. EES technology has led countless people with health problems to return to quality life, including complete healing as it was in my case. Set your intention of seeking health at most healthy state you can imagine. Allow this imagination meeting with reality. All things are possible. It begins with a mindset, so imagine, see it and Be it


How Many Sessions will I Need?

The answer to how many sessions is up to each person and this cannot be answered in a cookie-cutter fashion. This is best answered by looking at the packaged hours we offer and see which one speaks to you. Your discernment or intuition will be your best guide in arriving at an answer. Furthermore, all EES centers operate without licenses or certificates, so we are unable to make recommendations or suggestions.

Per Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, many continued hours are most beneficial. The smallest packaged hour we offer is a 2-hour session. For example, instead of ten 2-hour sessions, reduce the number of sessions and increase the duration of each session: five 4-hour sessions, two 10-hour sessions (most ideal for overnights).

The frequency of treatments depends on what you want to accomplish and how much scalar energy affects your body.  On-going regular sessions will aid in keeping your body in a state of health, vitality, and youthfulness. 


Are There Any Possible Side Effects?

Side effects vs detoxification symptoms: Yes. 

From Dr. Michael: …is not a typical response. “The 1st thing the body wants to do is clean house and toxins may not feel great on their way out, however, you want to trust the body’s intelligence and do everything to support the detox vs stopping the body from doing what it wants and going back to treating the symptoms. The toxicity and perhaps drug residues that created the issues may not feel wonderful on their way out, but the body knows what it is doing. Hydration is important. I also like to support the process with either the Calibr8 formula or my Magic Formula. There also seems to be a bit rougher detox if people have been jabbed or have been around those who have. The larger EESystems also usually support a smoother, easier detox. Also encourage people to Let Go of their fear of letting go of their stuff and whatever created their issues and thank the body for doing whatever it takes to heal and function more optimally. This is just healthy energy and it is up to the person and their body what they do with the energy. What if they really can let go of anything that created their issues in the 1st place??

Get excited about detox symptoms rather than resisting, making them wrong, and treating them as if they are a disease.”


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